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Birth certificate of Karl G. Maeser - Born January 16, 1828 in Meißen (Meissen), Saxony
Karl G. Maeser Birth Certificate.jpg
On the back of Maeser’s birth certificate is written: "Ausgehändigt nach Liverpool" (handed over to Liverpool) and stamped by the Dresden police on July 2, 1856.
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Karl G. Maeser - Baptismal Certificate
Karl G. Maeser Baptismal Certificate.jpg

Pages from Franklin D. Richards pocket planner of October 1855 showing an attempt to translate the baptismal prayer into German. From the grammar and spelling, it is obvious that the writer (perhaps Elder William Budge) was not highly experienced in German. The adjacent page shows a corrected version of the translation (and the "G" looks identical to the "G" in Karl G. Maeser's signature).
German Baptism Translation.jpg

In May 1857, Karl G. Maeser and his family boarded the Tuscarora and set sail for America. Their 5 month old baby, Karl Franklin Maeser, died the day before their arrival at Philadelphia on July 3rd.
Tuscarora register.jpg

Letter from Brigham Young to Karl G. Maeser - May 20 1865 - Brigham told Karl to be cool and calm. He also asked if Karl would be interested in teaching his children.
Letter from Brigham Young to Maeser 1865.jpg

Anna Mieth [Maeser] - Baptismal Certificate 1838
Karl G. Maeser School Certificate.jpg