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I am inviting those interested in Karl Maeser to participate in the research we are conducting at David O McKay School of Education at BYU. Over the next few weeks articles by and about KGM will be made available. It would be wonderful to combine research efforts. I have a long list of questions that researchers in Germany might help us pursue. (For example--Is there evidence that he participated in the democratic movement of 1848? Police records regarding interviews with him in 1856 in Dresden or evidence of William Budge or Franklin D. Richards in city records of Dresden in 1855? Why was he declared "untüchtig" to serve in the military at Marienburg Dec 9, 1848? Could a copy of his grades [Noten] be obtained regarding his attendance at the Friedrichstadt Schullehrerseminar 1845-1848? Where exactly did he do his student teaching [Bohemia?]? Who were his teachers at Friedrichstadt? Where did he get his introduction to Pestalozzi, Lancaster and Diesterweg?) There is also very little about his life in Philadelphia in 1857-1860. It would be wonderful to verify that he tutored the children of former President John Tyler in Virginia through the Tyler papers. I anticipate a book about him and would love collaborators. --A. LeGrand Richards